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      During Oxford University term time there are three structured sessions a week, with additional sessions, organised on an ad-hoc basis. The sessions can be in different places and with different focuses – sometimes there is more physical training, sometimes learning new techniques, sometimes more creativity and occasionally just fun!


      Although these times are subject to change, our typical weekly timetable is as follows:


Tuesday  -   4:00 - 5.30pm

Thursday -   6:00 - 7.30pm

Saturday - 11:00 - 12.30pm

      In order to Book In for a session and find out where we will be meeting, join us on the Facebook Group!


      The first session is free, so that you can get a feel for what parkour is like and how we approach it. If you enjoy it and want to continue with the structured sessions, then there is a charge of £3 a session which goes towards keeping this group going – the coaches are all volunteers!

      Aside from this, we do not just provide lessons. We aim to build a thriving community of movers and fellow practitioners in Oxfordshire. Feel free to use the group to arrange your own training sessions, meet other Traceurs and movers and ask any questions you may have!

Example Structured Session


       Being as most people haven't a clue what a parkour training session would involve, I'll talk you through what you might expect from a typical session lasting 90 minutes.

       It would start with a warm-up, usually followed by some basic conditioning. The conditioning is a mixture of 'traditional' exercise such as press-ups and slightly more unusual drills to work the body in more dynamic ways.


       Following this, in the main part of the session, there might be between three and five different 'stations'. Each station would work on a different aspect of movement or element of training, for example:

- Jumping onto/between obstacles
- Balancing on rails
- Vaulting over obstacles
- Wall-runs
- Rolling

The session would finish with a cool-down.

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